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Via Zee News : [New Delhi] To have a ‘good’ memory is everybody’s desire, but unfortunately the fact is that not all of us have this quality, mainly resulting from adverse drug reactions.

A good memory can be a great asset not just in the present but in the future as well. If you have a good memory, your chances of becoming successful in life – be it at work, school – are higher than someone with a ‘poor’ memory or a medical condition called memory loss.

But there are a number of things you can do to improve your memory, from eating memory-boosting foods to practicing some techniques, including using mnemonic devices. Here are some simple tips and tricks to sharpen your brain and thinking power:


Maintaining a healthy brain means eating a healthy diet, which includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and good fats (fish, nuts, olive oil).


Any form of exercise – running, swimming, biking or even jogging – is good for your brain. Many studies have shown that exercise helps prevent cognitive decline and staves off dementia. Exercise can also slow brain aging by as much as 10 years, as per a study.


A good sleep is essential not just for your body but also for your mind. Research suggests that an adequate night’s sleep can help improve you ability to recall what you learnt during the day.


Researchers found that a short daytime nap can significantly boost brain power. Study also suggests that sleeping right after you learn something might improve your memory.

Mnemonic devices

Mnemonic devices are tools which help your brain to memorise something. Common mnemonic devices include –

Acronyms – an acronym is a word formed from the first letters of letters in a name or phrase to help memorise in an easier format. For example: CART can be formed from carrots, apples, raspberries and tomatoes.

Rhymes – Rhymes make easier to member. A rhyme is a saying or a line that has similar sounds at the end of each line.

If you think that your memory power is weakening, make sure that you follow the above tips.


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