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  • The Mathematics of Golf

    The Mathematics of Golf

    via PHYS : (Phys.org)—The official Rules of Golf, which are continually being revised and updated as new equipment emerges, have close ties to mathematics. In many cases, math is used to place limitations on golf equipment, such as restricting the distance the ball will travel, as predicted by mathematical models. The Rules also place limits on a value called the coefficient of restitution, which measures the efficiency of the impact between a club and ball. In […]

  • Do the Math Before ‘Filling Up’ Your Electric Truck

    Do the Math Before ‘Filling Up’ Your Electric Truck

    via ccj : I’m an outlier. I’m a guy who likes to write and loves math. There’s an old J-School joke about people picking journalism as a major because it has one of the lowest math requirements, but I majored in engineering for three years before changing majors so I have years of pent-up math that I never get to use. With the recent buzz about electric trucks, their potential and their payback I think there’s […]

  • Magic or Maths? Find The Day of The Week For Any Date

    Magic or Maths? Find The Day of The Week For Any Date

    via Cosmos Magazine : Martin Gardner is the inspiration behind this column. As many readers know, Gardner wrote his own column, called “Mathematical Games”, in Scientific American from 1956 to 1985. It sat squarely within the nexus where recreational mathematics, puzzles, games, magic, art and science intersect. His compiled articles required 14 large volumes to contain them all. Those, and the several dozen other books he wrote in his 95 years, comprise an incredible body of […]

  • Connecting Maths to The Real World

    Connecting Maths to The Real World

    via Teacher Magazine : As I said in the first article of this series – Lessons from PISA – no matter how you read the results of PISA 2012 in relation to the mathematical skills of our young people, there is a significant number of 15-year-old Australians who do not have access to sufficient numeracy and mathematical skills to be able to cope equitably with life in the 21st Century. The reality is, many children (and […]

  • Making Magic with Mathematics and Mind-Bending Questions

    Making Magic with Mathematics and Mind-Bending Questions

    via DNA : Launched earlier this month, How to be a Mathemagician? is the third book by 41-year-old Aditi Singhal, who was awarded the title, The Best Memory Trainer, by The India Book of Records. Aditi Singhal and Sudhir Singhal “Magic fascinates everyone. This book will definitely make everyone fall in love with numbers as maths will not remain just a subject anymore,” says Sudhir Singhal, Aditi’s husband, who co-authored the previous two books — How […]

  • Mathematics explains how lizards get their patterns

    Mathematics explains how lizards get their patterns

    Via ZME Science : When you think about math, it often seems like an abstract concept that doesn’t connect to the real world. Actually, some patterns in animals can be explained by mathematical equations. Turing equations explain how many animals get certain coloured stripes or spots on a cellular level. The ocellated lizard’s (Timon lepidus) scale colours do not follow the Turing equations and are instead determined by the colour of their neighbouring cell. However, it […]

  • Finding Beauty in Math

    Finding Beauty in Math

    Via NC State University : Many see math as a logic-based activity and art solely as a creative pursuit — a characterization that seemingly puts them at odds. But for Radmila Sazdanović, math and art go hand in hand. Sazdanović, an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics, studies low-dimensional and algebraic topology. Topology, the study of shapes and their essential features, has applications in engineering, big-data analysis and other areas, and two researchers won […]

  • Mathematicians write a formula to describe waves

    Mathematicians write a formula to describe waves

    Via Futurity : A new paper builds on centuries of work to use math to describe waves—both of light and of water. One of the great joys in mathematics is the ability to use it to describe phenomena seen in the physical world, says University at Buffalo mathematician Gino Biondini. The work by Biondini and postdoctoral researcher Dionyssios Mantzavinos explores what happens when a regular wave pattern has small irregularities, a question that scientists have been […]

  • Statistician uses mathematics to predict Oscar winners

    Statistician uses mathematics to predict Oscar winners

    Via CNBC : Looking to win that Oscar office pool? Ben Zauzmer might be able to help. The recent Harvard grad and professional Oscar predictor for The Hollywood Reporter has correctly picked at least 75 percent of the award show’s categories each year since 2012. Last year, he predicted 85 percent of the winners. How? Mathematics, or as he calls it, “Oscarlytics.” An avid fan of statistics and film, Zauzmer collected massive amounts of data about […]

  • Mathematical strategy

    Mathematical strategy

    Via The Tribune : From ecological modeling to electromagnetic theory, from robotics to meteorology, areas of investigation in Applied Mathematics are diverse Usha Albuquerque Mathematics isn’t just about crunching numbers, but is used to solve problems in possibly every work environment. Mathematics is utilised in almost every discipline of science, engineering, technology and industry. In today’s data-driven world there are new application areas for mathematics being discovered every day and established techniques are being applied in […]