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  • Finding Beauty in Math

    Finding Beauty in Math

    Via NC State University : Many see math as a logic-based activity and art solely as a creative pursuit — a characterization that seemingly puts them at odds. But for Radmila Sazdanović, math and art go hand in hand. Sazdanović, an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics, studies low-dimensional […]

  • Mathematicians write a formula to describe waves

    Mathematicians write a formula to describe waves

    Via Futurity : A new paper builds on centuries of work to use math to describe waves—both of light and of water. One of the great joys in mathematics is the ability to use it to describe phenomena seen in the physical world, says University at Buffalo mathematician Gino Biondini. The […]

  • Statistician uses mathematics to predict Oscar winners

    Statistician uses mathematics to predict Oscar winners

    Via CNBC : Looking to win that Oscar office pool? Ben Zauzmer might be able to help. The recent Harvard grad and professional Oscar predictor for The Hollywood Reporter has correctly picked at least 75 percent of the award show’s categories each year since 2012. Last year, he predicted 85 percent […]

  • Mathematical strategy

    Mathematical strategy

    Via The Tribune : From ecological modeling to electromagnetic theory, from robotics to meteorology, areas of investigation in Applied Mathematics are diverse Usha Albuquerque Mathematics isn’t just about crunching numbers, but is used to solve problems in possibly every work environment. Mathematics is utilised in almost every discipline of science, engineering, […]

  • Making sense of mathematics

    Making sense of mathematics

    Via OUPblog : Mathematics is used in increasingly sophisticated ways in modern society, explicitly by experts who develop applications and implicitly by the general public who use technological devices. As each of us is taught a broad curriculum in school and then focuses on particular specialisms in our adult life, it […]