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  • Are brain games really helpful?

    Are brain games really helpful?

    Common in our society today are the brain exercises designed to give our mental faculties the boost they need. There are games, activities and all other cranial calisthenics that claim to be helpful in maintaining our brains functioning superbly. Via – ScienceDump : Do you misplace your keys or regularly miss appointments? Do you often forget the names of people you know well? Do you feel like your memory is slowly getting worse? If so, then […]

  • The Essay That Got Me Into Wharton

    The Essay That Got Me Into Wharton

    University application essay – is an additional method used by some university in selecting candidates from the university’s applications. A well craft university application essay can tip the balance in your favour if somehow your application landed yourself in the admissions officer’s ‘maybe’ pile.  Glenn Leibowitz shares his experience in “The Essay That Got Me Into Wharton” Via LinkedIn I wrote about how the captain of the boat needs to lead across multiple fronts, coordinating the […]