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  • 10 Universities That Teach the Most Valuable Skills in America

    10 Universities That Teach the Most Valuable Skills in America

    Via National Journal : Graduates from these universities were listed as having the most valuable skills, according to a Brookings Institution report. In an effort to determine which universities and colleges produce the highest-earning alumni, the Brookings Institution published a report quanitifying the boost in earnings graduates gain from their alma maters. In their findings, these colleges ranked highest for preparing students with valuable skills. California Institute of Technology Metropolitan area: Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA Median […]

  • 12 Habits of Exceptional Leaders

    12 Habits of Exceptional Leaders

    Via Inc. : The 12 essential behaviors that exceptional leaders rely on every day. One of the most popular Dilbert comic strips in the comic strip’s history begins with Dilbert’s boss relaying senior leadership’s explanation for the company’s low profits. In response to his boss, Dilbert asks incredulously, “So they’re saying that profits went up because of great leadership and down because of a weak economy?” To which Dilbert’s boss replies, “These meetings will go faster […]

  • Millennials and Leadership in the 21st Century

    Millennials and Leadership in the 21st Century

    Via LinkedIn : I coach millennial CEOs and entrepreneurs. As a generation they are talented, well educated, wonderfully human, internationally experienced, efficient and work well with Generation X and other millennials. I’m observing that many of these millennials apply a new set of rules when it comes to leadership. They are highly adaptable. Building solutions with a fail fast mindset and a determination to accomplish what others believe is impossible. Millennials came of age facing diminishing […]

  • The Power of Storytelling

    The Power of Storytelling

    Via LinkedIn : What makes a story compelling? What makes it powerful? We all love a good story but are we good at telling them? I’m fascinated by people’s stories – where people come from, how someone launched their product or career, how a company navigated change. I always learn something about the person and the company when I hear a story – don’t you? One only needs to check out the growth of companies like […]

  • Making Sense of the Chemistry That Led to Life on Earth

    Making Sense of the Chemistry That Led to Life on Earth

    Via The New York Times : It was the actions of Jupiter and Saturn that quite inadvertently created life on Earth — not the gods of the Roman pantheon, but the giant planets, which once orbited much closer to the sun. Driven outward, they let loose a cascade of asteroids, known as the Late Heavy Bombardment, that blasted the surface of the young Earth and created the deep pockmarks still visible on the face of the […]

  • Do We Need Libraries?

    Do We Need Libraries?

    Via Forbes : Libraries everywhere are under threat. After all, who needs a library today, when it is possible, without even getting out of bed, to find and read almost any book or article that has ever been published? One is tempted to recall the reaction by some to the recent news that Radio Shack had gone bankrupt: “Radio Shack bankrupt? I didn’t know Radio Shack still existed!” I was asked to give the opening keynote […]

  • Five mistakes you never ever want to make on stage

    Five mistakes you never ever want to make on stage

    Via LinkedIn : Speaking on stage is like surgery. You have one chance to get it right and it’s pretty hard to undo a mistake. I’ve seen all manner of ways to bomb on stage (I’ve done most myself, purely for research), from reading an entire speech, to rude humour (save if for the night club), to being completely off topic. Anyone who’s spent anytime giving speeches – even the pros – will tell you we […]

  • Why is Problem Representation So Important for Problem Solving?

    Why is Problem Representation So Important for Problem Solving?

    Via School Meet : We are constantly faced with problem solving situations at work and in daily life,which makes problem solving one of the most important skills that students can learn. In an economy that heavily Problem Representationrelies on expert thinking and complex communication,the need to posses those deep learning skills,which consist of problem-solving,critical thinking,communication,collaboration and innovation,is essential. Schools have tried several approaches to address the need,most important of which are project-based learning (PBL),social media,and games. […]

  • Greater diversity in tech — but how?

    Greater diversity in tech — but how?

    Via Info World : Tech giants like Google and Intel are investing millions in new efforts to attract and retain women and minorities in their workforces When Google pulled back the curtain last year and revealed the homogeneity of its workforce, it opened the doors for a more open dialogue about diversity in the tech industry. By 2044, people of color are expected to comprise the majority of the U.S. population, and women already make up […]

  • Poor kids, rich schools

    Poor kids, rich schools

    Via CNN Money : When Ted White moved into his freshman dorm at Harvard, he saw his classmates hauling expensive things and immediately felt like an outsider. “I could see there were a lot of affluent people here, walking around with their heads held high,” he said. “I felt as if I had a sign on my head saying, ‘I’m poor.'” He is part of a growing number of low-income students who are able to attend […]