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  • Top 10 Education Trends to Watch in 2015 and Beyond

    Top 10 Education Trends to Watch in 2015 and Beyond

    Via Huff Post Education : The winds of education change were gusty in 2014: declining and inequitable public funding, a new demographic future, advancing technology, rethinking accreditation, the credit hour and the needs of a tough job market. While most agree that our nation’s economic health and capacity to innovate depends on a vastly improved education system, the “how to” is still unfolding. As you head off for holiday vacations, we’ve compiled 10 education trends […]

  • Revision Tips

    Revision Tips

    Via Facebook : Everyone feels nervous about taking exams. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your revision time and keep those nerves under control. It’s important to remember that an examination is a test of learning, not memory. Examiners want to see evidence that you have drawn on your knowledge to develop a reasoned argument, rather than replicate course notes and textbook facts. Revision should be a process of consolidating […]

  • Will Your Skills be Redundant in the Machine Age?

    Will Your Skills be Redundant in the Machine Age?

    Via LinkedIn : Resilience, Sustainability and Transformation Some weeks ago I was to attend a conference in Brussels (city that I know little) and I had to organize my trip in a real hurry considering the short time lapse I was given. Actually, I love both organizing details and not wasting time, but Time was my priority that week. In brief, to save some minutes in advance, I underwent some stress later. Why? I booked […]

  • Life After SPM? You Wouldn’t Want To Miss These!

    Life After SPM? You Wouldn’t Want To Miss These!

    Via Malaysia Students : Aloha, friends! This post is especially tailored for all of the SPM-leavers of 2014. Don’t belong to the group? No worries! Feel free to breeze through this post so that you will be able to draft an early plan of what to do right after the SPM. First and foremost, Congratulations for successfully going through all of the subjects that you have taken. May you will be granted the best result parallel […]

  • Preparing for life in the UK

    Preparing for life in the UK

    Via British Council : Before moving to the UK, get in touch with people who’ve been there: alumni of your university or your course are the best source of information about procedures, campus life, living costs, etc. They are your ‘secret agents’ giving you invaluable pieces of advice on the things you would never be able to find in the most detailed and useful guides on the subject. The university’s international office can usually provide […]

  • Young Millionaires: How These Entrepreneurs Under 30 Are Changing the World

    Young Millionaires: How These Entrepreneurs Under 30 Are Changing the World

    Via LinkedIn : Young people today don’t just sit around and think about changing the world to suit their purposes–they do it. They may be inexperienced, but they’re fearless when it comes to tackling long-stagnant business models and technologies with fresh new approaches– ones that align with their internet upbringing and their expectation that commodities and information be transparent and easily shared. What might seem naive or reckless to the old-school regime is simply business […]

  • How To Become An Astronaut

    How To Become An Astronaut

    Via Space : Astronauts are people who do activities related to human space exploration. The most visible parts of their job take place while they’re working in orbit, but most of their careers will be spent on the ground training and supporting other missions. Becoming an astronaut doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes many years of education and experience to meet the basic qualifications. Many people aren’t accepted on the first try, either, requiring them […]

  • 26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I’d Known At 20

    26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I’d Known At 20

    Via Business Insider : Most people learn time management the hard way, by trial and error, working late nights to meet deadlines. Etienne Garbugli, a Montreal-based product and marketing consultant, distilled the lessons he wishes he’d known when he was starting into a presentation posted to SlideShare. With his permission we’re posting it here.  

  • Eight Reasons to Study Medicine

    Eight Reasons to Study Medicine

    Via The Complete University Guide : Why study medicine? you may ask. The course comes with near-impossible entry requirements, difficult content, a hefty amount of contact hours, at least five years of study (expensive!), and you’ll be moving on to an extremely demanding profession. But if you think you’ve got the ability and the dedication, or just need some gentle persuasion, here’s eight reasons to study medicine. 1. Excellent graduate prospects A quick glance at […]

  • What does sound look like?

    What does sound look like?

    Via Science Alert : What does the sound of a clap look like? Not the digital depiction of a sound wave – we mean the normally invisible, actual sound waves that leave a person’s hands and travel outwards at over 1,200 km/h (761 miles per hour) when they clap. NPR’s Skunkbear gives us a front-seat view. Imagine what life would be like if we could see sound waves wherever we went. Things would be completely and […]